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Conall Cearnach

“Conall Cearnach” (1876-1929) — F. W. O’Connell — was a polyglot and scholar born in Clifden, Co. Galway. After serving as an Anglican priest, he became the first lecturer of Celtic Languages and Literature at Queen’s University, Belfast. Interested in strange literature, O’Connell made the first translation into Irish of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Cas aduain an Dr Jekyll agus Mhr Hyde in 1929. O’Connell died tragically when he was struck by a bus in October of that year.

Titles by Conall Cearnach
The Fatal Move and Other Stories (2021)

Further Reading
"F. W. O'Connell: Master of Strange Tongues" (2021)

Swan River Press Authors

Peter Bell

Peter Bell has written articles and stories for All Hallows, The Ghosts & Scholars M. R. James Newsletter, Wormwood, Faunus, and Supernatural Tales; his work has also been published by Ash-Tree Press, Gray Friar Press, Side Real Press, The Scarecrow Press and Hippocampus Press. He is a historian, a native of Liverpool, an inhabitant of York, and likes to wander the hidden places of Scotland and the North of England.

Titles by Peter Bell
Strange Epiphanies (2012)
On the Apparitions at Gray's Court (2006)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Peter Bell" (2012)

Lucy M. Boston

Lucy M. Boston (1892 – 1990) was born in Southport, Lancashire. She studied English at Oxford and served as a nurse in France, before settling in Cheshire towards the end of the First World War. After her marriage broke down in 1935 she trained as a painter in Europe, eventually returning to England on the eve of the Second World War. In 1939 she bought the eleventh century Manor in Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire, which was her home and literary inspiration until her death. It is the setting of her much-loved series of Green Knowe novels for children, and is now open to visitors. For more details see www.greenknowe.co.uk.

Titles by Lucy M. Boston
Curfew & Other Eerie Tales (2011)
Just Like That (2011)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Robert Lloyd Parry" (2012)

B. Catling

Brian Catling, RA, was born London in 1948. He is a poet, sculptor, filmmaker, and performance artist, who is currently making egg-tempera paintings and writing novels. He has had solo exhibitions and performances in the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Iceland, Israel, Holland, Norway, Germany, Greenland, USA, and Australia. His Vorrh trilogy and recent novel Earwig have drawn much critical acclaim. He is also Emeritus Professor of Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.

Titles by B. Catling
Munky (2020)

Further Reading
"In Deep League: A Conversation with B. Catling" (2020)

Conall Cearnach

“Conall Cearnach” (1876-1929) — F. W. O’Connell — was a polyglot and scholar born in Clifden, Co. Galway. After serving as an Anglican priest, he became the first lecturer of Celtic Languages and Literature at Queen’s University, Belfast. Interested in strange literature, O’Connell made the first translation into Irish of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Cas aduain an Dr Jekyll agus Mhr Hyde in 1929. O’Connell died tragically when he was struck by a bus in October of that year.

Titles by Conall Cearnach
The Fatal Move and Other Stories (2021)

Further Reading
"F. W. O'Connell: Master of Strange Tongues" (2021)

Stephen J. Clark

Stephen J. Clark was born in County Durham. His work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, having been published by Egaeus Press, Side Real Press, and Fulgur Press, among others. Regular collaborations with Tartarus Press have notably featured his cover illustrations for a complete series of Robert Aickman’s strange tales. His debut novel In Delirium's Circle was released by Egaeus Press in 2012, followed in 2018 by The Feathered Bough, a fully illustrated second novel published by Zagava. thesinginggarden.co.uk

Titles by Stephen J. Clark
The Satyr and Other Tales (2015)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Stephen J. Clark" (2015)

Edward Crandall

Edward Crandall is an American translator living in Saga, Japan. His story "Survivors" appeared in Acquainted with the Night, an anthology of supernatural fiction published by Ash-Tree Press in December 2004, "The Arrangement" appeared in Exotic Gothic 2 (2008), and his essay on Natso Kirino's novel Real World appeared in 21st Century Gothic (2010).

Titles by Edward Crandall
The Nanri Papers (2008)

B. M. Croker

B. M. Croker was born in Co. Roscommon in 1849. She married John Stokes Croker, an officer in the Royal Scots Fusiliers, in 1870, and accompanied him to India, there commencing a long literary career. Authoring some fifty-two books, her novel The Road to Mandalay was filmed in 1926. Mrs. Croker died at a nursing home in London, after a short and sudden illness, on 20 October 1920.

Titles by B. M. Croker
"Number Ninety" & Other Ghost Stories (2019)

Further Reading
"Introduction to 'Number Ninety' by Richard Dalby" (2019)

Helen Grant

Helen Grant was born in London, but has lived in Spain, Germany and Belgium. Her first novel, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, won an ALA Alex Award in the US and was shortlisted for both the CILIP Carnegie Medal and the Booktrust Teenage Prize. Since then she has produced two other novels, The Glass Demon and Wish Me Dead, and is currently working on a trilogy set in Flanders. The first book, Silent Saturday, will be published by Bodley Head in 2013. Helen now lives in Scotland with her husband, two children and two cats. You can find out more about Helen Grant on her website.

Titles by Helen Grant
The Sea Change & Other Stories (2013)
The Red House at Münstereifel (2007)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Helen Grant" (2012)

Lafcadio Hearn

Born on the Greek island of Lefkada, Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904) was brought up in both Ireland and England. At nineteen he emigrated to the United States where he became a journalist. After a sojourn in the French West Indies, he sailed for Japan in 1890. Hearn wrote extensively about his new homeland, its tales, customs, and religions, acting as a bridge between Japan and the Western world. He died in Tokyo where he is buried under his Japanese name, Koizumi Yakumo. His notable books include Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan (1894), In Ghostly Japan (1899), Shadowings (1900), and Kwaidan (1904).

Titles by Lafcadio Hearn
Insect Literature (2015)

Further Reading
"A Letter from Mitchell McDonald" (1921)

William Hope Hodgson

William Hope Hodgson was born in Blackmore End, Essex on 15 November 1877. Though distinguished as a sailor, body builder, photographer, and soldier, Hodgson is now remembered as a writer of the fantastic and macabre: The Boats of the “Glen Carrig” (1907), The Ghost Pirates (1909), The Night Land (1912), and the occult detective stories in Carnacki, the Ghost Finder (1913). Hodgson’s literary career was tragically cut short by an artillery shell at the Battle of Ypres in late April 1918.

Titles by William Hope Hodgson
The House on the Borderland (2018)

Further Reading
"Coulthart and Mueller on the Borderland" (1918)

John Howard

John Howard was born in London. His books include The Defeat of Grief, The Lustre of Time, The Silver Voices, Written by Daylight, Cities and Thrones and Powers, and Buried Shadows. Secret Europe and Inner Europe are joint collections written with Mark Valentine. Howard’s essays on fantastic fiction and its classic authors have appeared in Wormwood and other places, and many are gathered in Touchstones: Essays on the Fantastic.

Titles by John Howard
A Flowering Wound (2019)
The Silver Voices (2014)
Written by Daylight (2013)

Further Reading
"An Interview with John Howard" (2019)
"From this Blessed Town: An Interview with John Howard" (2014)
"Against the Fall of Night: An Interview with John Howard" (2013)

Joel Lane

Joel Lane (1963-2013) was born in Exeter, but lived most of his life in Birmingham, where many of his stories are set. In addition to two novels, From Blue to Black (2000) and The Blue Mask (2003), Lane was the author of numerous collections, including the British Fantasy Award-winning The Earth Wire (1994), The Lost District (2006), and The Terrible Changes (2009). Where Furnaces Burn won the World Fantasy Award for best collection in 2013.

Titles by Joel Lane
The Anniversary of Never (2015)

Further Reading
An Interview with Joel Lane (2013)

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873) was born in Dublin. He spent his youth in the suburb of Chapelizod and the rural village of Abington, Co. Limerick. He entered Trinity College in 1833 and was called to the Irish Bar in 1839. Instead of pursing a career in law, he purchased and edited several newspapers including The Evening Mail and The Warder. In 1861 he bought the Dublin University Magazine, which he edited until 1869. He retreated from public life on the death of his wife in 1858, and from the seclusion of his Merrion Square home he turned his attention to writing novels. He is best known today for such pioneering weird stories as "An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier-street", "Green Tea" and "Carmilla". His notable novels include The House by the Church-yard (1863), Wylder's Hand (1864), Uncle Silas (1864) and The Wyvern Mystery (1869). His seminal short story collection, In a Glass Darkly, was published in 1872, less than a year before his death.

Titles by or about Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Green Tea (2019)
Reminiscences of a Bachelor (2014)
Dreams of Shadow and Smoke: Stories for J.S. Le Fanu (2014)
Laura Silver Bell (2012)
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu — A Concise Bibliography (2011)
The Complete Ghost Stories of Chapelizod (2011)
The Ballads and Poems of J. Sheridan Le Fanu (2011)
My Aunt Margaret's Adventure (2009)

Further Reading
"Le Fanu's 'Green Tea': A Sesquicentennial of Fear" (2019)
"Some Thoughts on Le Fanu: An Interview with Matthew Holness" (2014)
"Exile on Aungier Street: A Conversation with Jim Rockhill and Brian J. Showers" (2014)

Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber was born in Chicago on 24 December 1910. Although trained as an actor, he made his name among the pages of the pulp magazines of the 1930s and ’40s. After a brief correspondence with H.P. Lovecraft, Leiber began writing in earnest, penning classics of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, including Conjure Wife, the Hugo Award-winning Ill Met in Lankhmar, and the pioneering tale of urban supernaturalism “Smoke Ghost”. Leiber passed away in San Francisco in 1992 at the age of eighty-one.

Titles by Fritz Leiber
The Pale Brown Thing (2016)

Further Reading
"The Power of Friendship: An Interview with Donald Sidney-Fryer" (2016)

Thomas Leland

Thomas Leland (1722-1785) was born in Dublin. Ordained to ministry in the Church of Ireland, his works include History of Philip, King of Macedon (1758), History of Ireland (1773), and a posthumous collection of sermons (1788). His only work of fiction, Longsword, Earl of Salisbury, was published in 1762. It was adapted for stage in 1765 as The Countess of Salisbury by fellow Dubliner Hall Hartson. The play remained popular into the early nineteenth century.

Titles by Thomas Leland
Longsword (2012)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Albert Power" (2012)

Dorothy Macardle

Dorothy Macardle (1889-1958) — historian, playwright, journalist, and novelist — was born in Dundalk, Co. Louth. She was educated at Alexandra College in Dublin where she later lectured in English literature. She is best remembered for her seminal treatise on Ireland’s struggle for independence, The Irish Republic (1937), but also wrote novels of the uncanny, including Uneasy Freehold/The Uninvited (1941), Fantastic Summer/The Unforeseen (1946), and Dark Enchantment (1953). She died in Drogheda and is buried in St. Fintan's Cemetery, Sutton.

Titles by Dorothy Macardle
Earth-Bound and Other Supernatural Tales (2016)

Further Reading
"A Reflection of Ghosts: The Life of Dorothy Macardle" (2016)

Ethel Mannin

Ethel Mannin (1900-1984) was a best-selling author born and bred in South London. Her first novel, Martha, was published in 1923, having first been entered in a writing competition. She continued to write at an astonishing pace, producing over fifty novels during her long career, plus multiple volumes of short stories, autobiographies, travel and political writing. Mannin was also a lifelong socialist, feminist, and anti-fascist. She died in Devon at the age of 84.

Titles by Ethel Mannin
Lucifer and the Child (2020)

Further Reading
"Merely the Natural Plus: Introduction to Lucifer and the Child" (2020)

Gary McMahon

Gary McMahon has published over sixty short stories, the best of which are collected in Dirty Prayers, and is the author of the novellas Rough Cut and All Your Gods Are Dead, and the novel Rain Dogs. Gary lives with his wife and son in West Yorkshire, where he often dreams of spirits both brutal and malign. Visit Gary McMahon's website here.

Titles by Gary McMahon
Brutal Spirits (2008)

Henry C. Mercer

Dreamer, castle builder, archaeologist, and anthropologist, Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930) inherited a fortune that fuelled his wanderlust. Mercer was a tireless creative genius who spent his life fulfilling his family motto, Plus ultra — “More Beyond”. He earned a law degree, mastered five languages, supervised archaeological digs around the world, and became a beloved philanthropist in his ancestral home of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Overshadowed by his many accomplishments is the wonderful but nearly forgotten collection of stories, November Night Tales.

Titles by Henry C. Mercer
November Night Tales (2015)

Further Reading
"November Night Notes: An Interview with Peter Bell" (2015)

Rosa Mulholland

Rosa Mulholland was born in Belfast on 19 March 1841. In 1891 she married the eminent Irish historian Sir John T. Gilbert (1829-1898). In addition to her two-volume Life of Sir John T. Gilbert (1905), Mulholland produced a long line of novels mostly set in rural Ireland, and featuring strong female characters, including The Wicked Woods of Tobereevil (1872) and Banshee Castle (1895). Many of her supernatural tales were collected in The Haunted Organist of Hurly Burly (1880). Mulholland died at her home Villa Nova on 21 April 1921.

Titles by Rosa Mulholland
Not to Be Taken at Bed-Time & Other Strange Stories (2019)

Further Reading
"Rosa Mulholland: An Introduction by Richard Dalby" (2019)

Reggie Oliver

Reggie Oliver has been a professional playwright, actor, and theatre director since 1975. Besides plays, his publications include the authorised biography of Stella Gibbons, Out of the Woodshed, published by Bloomsbury in 1998, and six collections of stories of supernatural terror, of which the fifth, Mrs. Midnight (Tartarus 2011) won the Children of the Night Award for "best work of supernatural fiction in 2011" and was nominated for two other awards. Tartarus has also reissued his first and second collections The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini and The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler, in new editions with new illustrations by the author, as well as his latest (and sixth) collection Flowers of the Sea. His novel, The Dracula Papers I - The Scholar's Tale (Chomu 2011) - is the first of a projected four. An omnibus edition of his stories entitled Dramas from the Depths is published by Centipede, as part of its Masters of the Weird Tale series. His stories have appeared in over fifty anthologies. (Portrait in oils by Anthony Christian)

Titles by Reggie Oliver
Blind Man's Box (2007)

Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker was born and grew up on a farm in Buckinghamshire, but has lived subsequently in Stockholm, Oxford, Dorset, Somerset, Sheffield and Sussex. She took degrees in English Literature and History, and Archaeology, working first as an archaeologist before returning to her first love of books. Rosalie is co-proprietor and editor of the independent publishing house, Tartarus Press, and lives in the Yorkshire Dales with her partner, the writer and publisher Ray Russell, their son and two cats. Visit her website at: www.rosalieparker.co.uk

Titles by Rosalie Parker
Sparks from the Fire (2018)
The Old Knowledge & Other Strange Tales (2010)

Further Reading
"Sparks from the Fire: An Interview with Rosalie Parker" (2018)
"An Interview with Rosalie Parker" (2012)

John Reppion

John Reppion is the author of 800 Years of Haunted Liverpool (The History Press 2008). He has written articles for the likes of the Fortean Times, Strange Attractor Journal, Paranormal Magazine and The End is Nigh. His day job is scripting comics with his wife and writing partner Leah Moore, including titles such as The Complete Dracula and The Trial of Sherlock Holmes (Dynamite Entertainment 2009), Raise the Dead (Dynamite 2008) and Albion (Wildstorm 2006). Sometimes he deals in fact, sometimes in fiction, and sometimes he gets confused. More information can be found at www.moorereppion.com.

Titles by John Reppion
Contemporary Reviews of "Dracula" with Leah Moore (2011)
On the Banks of the River Jordan (2010)

Nicholas Royle

Nicholas Royle is the author of two previous collections, Mortality and Ornithology, as well as In Camera (with David Gledhill). His seven novels include The Director’s Cut, Antwerp, and First Novel. Reader in Creative Writing at the Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University, he is head judge of the annual Manchester Fiction Prize and series editor of Best British Short Stories. He also runs Nightjar Press, publishing original short stories in chapbook format. More information can be found here.

Titles by Nicholas Royle
The Dummy & Other Uncanny Stories (2018)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Nicholas Royle" (2018)

Lynda E. Rucker

Lynda E. Rucker has sold more than three dozen short stories to various magazines and anthologies, won the 2015 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Short Story, and is a regular columnist for UK horror magazine Black Static. Her first collection, The Moon Will Look Strange, was released in 2013 from Karoshi Books; and her second, You’ll Know When You Get There, was published by Swan River Press in 2016. More information can be found here.

Titles by Lynda E. Rucker
You'll Know When You Get There (2016)

Titles edited by Lynda E. Rucker
Uncertainties: Volume III (2018)

Further Reading
"Things Less Certain: An Interview with Lynda E. Rucker" (2018)
"An Interview with Lynda E. Rucker" (2016)

George William Russell (A.E.)

George William Russell (1867-1935) — who published as “A.E.” — was a poet, painter, economist, and mystic. In 1897 he started work with Sir Horace Plunkett’s Irish Agricultural Organisation Society, editing their journal The Irish Homestead. In addition to numerous volumes of poetry, essays, and mystical writings, A.E. also nurtured the careers of Ireland’s most important writers, including Patrick Kavanagh, James Stephens, and James Joyce. Highly regarded in life, on his death A.E.’s funeral cortege was over a mile long.

Titles by A.E.
Selected Poems (2017)

Further Reading
"The Making of Poetry" (c.1924)

R.B. Russell

R.B. Russell is an English author, born in Sussex, and the co-proprietor of the independent publishing house Tartarus Press, which he runs with his partner Rosalie Parker. He has had three collections of his own short stories published, Putting the Pieces in Place (2009), Literary Remains (2010) and Leave Your Sleep (2012), a novella, Bloody Baudelaire (2009), and a collected edition, Ghosts (2012). He is also, occasionally, an illustrator and songwriter, and enjoys making videos. More information can be found here.

Other Swan River Titles by R.B. Russell
Death Makes Strangers of Us All (2018)
The Dark Return of Time (2014)
Ghosts (2012)

Further Reading
"Death Makes Strangers: An Interview with R.B. Russell" (2018)
"A Darker Return: An Interview with R.B. Russell" (2014)
"Ghosts: An Interview with R.B. Russell" (2012)

Brian J. Showers

Brian J. Showers is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. He has written short stories, articles, and reviews for magazines such as Rue Morgue, Ghosts & Scholars, and Supernatural Tales. His short story collection, The Bleeding Horse, won the Children of the Night Award in 2008. He is also the author of Literary Walking Tours of Gothic Dublin (2006), the co-editor of Reflections in a Glass Darkly: Essays on J. Sheridan Le Fanu (2011), and the editor of The Green Book. Showers also edited the first two volumes of Uncertainties, and co-edited with Jim Rockhill, the Ghost Story Award-winning anthology Dreams of Shadow and Smoke. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Titles by Brian J. Showers
Old Albert — An Epilogue (2012)
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu — A Concise Bibliography with Gary W. Crawford (2011)
The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories (2008)
Ghostly Rathmines: A Visitor's Guide (2008)
Quis Separabit (2007)
No. 70 Merrion Square (2006)
Tigh an Bhreithimh (2005)
The Snow Came Softly Down (2004)
The Old Tailor and the Gaunt Man (2003)

Titles edited by Brian J. Showers
Uncertainties: Volume V (2021)
Bending to Earth: Strange Stories by Irish Women (2019)
Uncertainties: Volume I (2016)
Uncertainties: Volume II (2016)
Dreams of Shadow and Smoke: Stories for J.S. Le Fanu (2014)
The Green Book: Writings on Irish Gothic, Supernatural and Fantastic Literature (2013-Present)

Further Reading
"Foreword to Uncertainties: Vol. V" (2021)
"Foreword to Uncertainties: Vol. II" (2016)
"Exile on Aungier Street: A Conversation with Jim Rockhill and Brian J. Showers" (2014)
"An Interview with Brian J. Showers" (2012)

Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker (1847-1912) was born in Clontarf, a suburb of Dublin, and educated at Trinity College. As a young man he worked as a civil servant at Dublin Castle, and as an unpaid theatre critic for local newspapers. He is best known today for his classic horror novel Dracula (1897), but during his lifetime he was known as the personal assistant of actor Henry Irving, and business manager of Irving’s Lyceum Theatre in London. Other notable works include The Jewel of Seven Stars (1903), Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving (1906), The Lair of the White Worm (1911), and the posthumously published collection Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories (1914).

Titles by or about Bram Stoker
Old Hoggen and Other Adventures (2017)
The Definitive Judge's House (2011)
To My Dear Friend Hommy-Beg: The Great Friendship of Bram Stoker and Hall Caine (2011)
Contemporary Reviews of "Dracula" (2011)
Extracts from Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving by Bram Stoker (2010)
Bram Stoker's Other Gothics — Contemporary Reviews (2010)
Four Romances by Mr. Bram Stoker (2010)
Thirty Years A-Going: A History of the Bram Stoker Society (2009)

Further Reading
"Preface to Old Hoggen and Other Adventures" (2017)

Steve Rasnic Tem

Steve Rasnic Tem is the author of over 400 published short stories and is a past winner of the Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, British Fantasy, and World Fantasy Awards. His collections include Ugly Behavior (2012), Onion Songs (2013), Celestial Inventories (2013), and Twember (2013). His novels include Daughters (2001) and The Man in the Ceiling (2010, both with Melanie Tem); The Book of Days (2003), Deadfall Hotel (2013), and Blood Kin (2014). For more information visit www.m-s-tem.com

Titles by Steve Rasnic Tem
Here with the Shadows (2014)

Further Reading
"An Interview with Steve Rasnic Tem" (2014)


Katharine Tynan

Katharine Tynan (1859-1931) was born in Dublin and raised at Whitehall, the family home in Clondalkin. Her literary salon there attracted notables such as W. B. Yeats, with whom she formed a lifelong friendship. Tynan became a prolific writer, authoring more than a hundred novels in addition to memoirs and numerous volumes of poetry. Her works deal with feminism, Catholicism, and nationalism—Yeats declared of her early collection Shamrocks (1887) that “in finding her nationality, she has also found herself”.

Titles by Katharine Tynan
The Death Spancel and Others (2020)

Further Reading
"The Ghost Story of a Novelist" (1905)

Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine’s stories have been selected for Best British Short Stories edited by Nicholas Royle, Best New Horror edited by Stephen Jones, The Mammoth Books of Ghost Stories edited by Richard Dalby, and the Ghosts & Scholars books edited by Rosemary Pardoe, as well as for many other anthologies. Along with The Swan River Press, he also publishes with other independent imprints such as Tartarus Press (UK), Sarob Press (France) and Zagava (Germany). His twenty or so books include studies of Arthur Machen and the diplomat and fantasist Sarban, and essays on book-collecting and the esoteric. He also edits Wormwood, a journal of the fantastic.

Titles by Mark Valentine
Seventeen Stories (2013)
Selected Stories (2012)
The Seer of Trieste (2008)

Titles edited by Mark Valentine
The Far Tower: Stories for W. B. Yeats (2019)
The Scarlet Soul: Stories for Dorian Gray (2017)

Further Reading
"The Far Tower: Introduction" (2019)
"The Scarlet Soul: Introduction" (2017)
"Something of the Light: An Interview with Mark Valentine" (2013)
"An Interview with Mark Valentine" (2012)

Mervyn Wall

Mervyn Wall (1908-1997) was born in the Rathmines neighbourhood of Dublin. He was educated in Belvedere College; Bonn, Germany; and the National University of Ireland where he obtained his B.A. in 1928. After fourteen years in the Civil Service, he joined Radio Eireann as Programme Officer. In 1957 he left Radio Eireann to become Secretary of the Arts Council of Ireland, a position he held until 1975. Widely known during his lifetime as a broadcaster and critic, he is best remembered now for his plays and novels, among them two satirical fantasies set in medieval Ireland, The Unfortunate Fursey (1946) and The Return of Fursey (1948). His book Leaves for the Burning won Denmark's Best European Novel award in 1952.

Titles by Mervyn Wall
Leaves for the Burning (2020)
A Flutter of Wings (2017)
The Unfortunate Fursey (2015)
The Return of Fursey (2015)
The Demon Angler & One Other (2013)

Further Reading
"The Castletown Witch" (1956)
"The Origins of The Unfortunate Fursey" (1982)
"Appreciations and Reminiscences" (2015)
"Mervyn Wall Talks about Leaves for the Burning" (1982)

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