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Patrons of Swan River Press

The Swan River Press needs your help!

By making a contribution, Patrons provide Swan River Press with vital support and encouragement. This contribution goes directly towards covering our day-to-day costs and also helps us plan for the press’s future.

You can make a contribution by using the payment links below. Or if you are in a position to contribute a larger amount, please contact us directly to make arrangements. (Patrons are generally listed below for a year or so.)

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who contributes, buys our books, or shows enthusiasm and support for the press!

Our Esteemed Patrons

Michele Altieri
Nathalie Boisard Beudin
David Brokaw
John Connolly
John Howard
Kenneth Mann
Joseph Mitchen
Paul Myers Jr.
Dylan Rock
Ann and Larry Rubin
Joe and Kate Rubin
Naben Ruthnum
Paul Whyte