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Contact Information

General Queries

The best way to get information on our forthcoming titles and occasional events is to subscribe to our newsletter.

We are also present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Information on submissions can be found here.

For out-of-print books, please check with our Booksellers or try posting in the Swan River Press Readers Group on Facebook.

If you are a book reviewer or juror for an awards body, and would like one of our books for review, please let us know which publication you write for or the awards you represent when you contact us.

Any further questions, please contact Brian J. Showers at

Trade Queries

Our limited edition hardbacks and issues of The Green Book can be ordered directly from us. They are not available through third party distribution channels.

Our paperbacks are also available directly from us; alternately, they can be ordered through Gardners and Ingram Content Group.

On our Trade Resources page, you can download advance information sheets and high resolution cover images.

Please feel free to download the current Swan River Press Catalogue (20mb).

A list of booksellers who regularly stock our titles can be found here.

If you have a question about any of our titles, or would like to discuss trade terms, please contact Brian J. Showers at