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The Unfortunate Fursey

Mervyn Wall

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“In Ireland anything may happen to anyone anywhere and at any time, and it usually does.”

The forces of evil have launched a determined offensive on the sanctified precincts of Clonmacnoise, and gain a bridgehead in the cell of Brother Fursey. But the hapless monk is so tongue-tied with fright that he cannot utter the necessary words of exorcism. When the other monks discover this, poor Fursey is expelled, and sets forth on the first stage of his travels accompanied by a fantastic procession of cacodemons, hippogriffs, imps, furies, and other dreadful creatures, not to mention the elegant gentleman in black who is their commander-in-chief. Reviewed in the Irish Times as “wildly fantastic, intensely satirical, and wickedly comic” and described by critic E. F. Bleiler as a “landmark book in the history of fantasy”, Mervyn Wall’s The Unfortunate Fursey remains a classic of modern Irish literature.

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Cover art by Jesse Campbell-Brown
Introduction by Michael Dirda

ISBN: 978-1-78380-005-6 (hbk)

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