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The Return of Fursey

Mervyn Wall

Availability: In Print – Paperback, Out of Print – Hardback

“Henceforth I will serve Evil. I’ll become a most depraved character. I’ll turn really wicked.”

This worthy sequel to The Unfortunate Fursey follows the continued exploits of that reluctant sorcerer Fursey, now a middling grocer in the realm of King Ethelwulf. But when Fursey’s wife is seized by an Irish delegation led by her jilted fiancé, Fursey resolves to embrace evil, return to Ireland, and reclaim his wife. Readers will delight in the return of Fursey’s unhelpful familiar Albert and the Prince of Darkness; plus such memorable new characters as George the Vampire, Sigurd the Skull Splitter, and the wealthy Festus Wisenuts. “The Return of Fursey shows no lessening at all in Wall’s quality of imagination,” wrote critic Robert Hogan. “As with the best of Charlie Chaplin, or of Anton Chekhov or O’Casey, the laughter is very akin to high art.”

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Cover art by Jesse Campbell-Brown
Introduction by Michael Dirda

ISBN: 978-1-78380-006-3 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-1-78380-768-0 (pbk)

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