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The Far Tower

Stories for W. B. Yeats

Mark Valentine (ed.)

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“All Art that is not mere story-telling, or mere portraiture, is symbolic . . . ” – W. B. Yeats

Stories of magic and myth, folklore and fairy traditions, the occult and the outré, inspired by the rich mystical world of Ireland’s greatest poet, W. B. Yeats. We invited ten contemporary writers to celebrate Yeats’s contributions to the history of the fantastic and supernatural in literature, drawing on his work for their own new and original tales. Each has chosen a phrase from his poems, plays, stories, or essays to herald their own explorations in the esoteric. Alongside their own powerful qualities, the pieces here testify to the continuing resonance of Yeats’s vision in our own time, that deep understanding of the meshing of two worlds and the talismans of old magic.

  • Ron Weighell’s “Under the Frenzy of the Fourteenth Moon” was selected for Best New Horror #31 edited by Stephen Jones.
  • More on W. B. Yeats can be found in various issues of The Green Book

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Cover art by John Coulthart
Selected and introduced by Mark Valentine

ISBN: 978-1-78380-030-8 (hbk)

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