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Seventeen Stories

Seventeen Stories

Mark Valentine

Availability: In Print – Paperback, Out of Print – Hardback

“The general effect was a bizarrerie of half-weird sheen and gloom.” – M. P. Shiel

Mark Valentine’s stories have been described by critic Rick Kleffel as “consistently amazing and inexplicably beautiful”. He has been called “A superb writer, among the leading practitioners of classic supernatural fiction” by Michael Dirda of The Washington Post, and his work is regularly chosen for year’s best and other anthologies.

This new selection offers previously uncollected or hard to find tales in the finest traditions of the strange and fantastic. As well as tributes to the masters of the field, Valentine provides his own original and otherworldly visions, with what Supernatural Tales has called “the author’s trademark erudition” in “unusual byways of history, folklore and general scholarship”. Opening a book will never seem quite the same again after encountering this curious volume of Seventeen Stories . . .

  • “The Axholme Toll” and “The Fall of the King of Babylon” were both selected for Stephen Jones’s Best New Horror.

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Cover art by Jason Zerrillo

ISBN: 978-0-95665-879-1 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-1-78380-743-7 (pbk)

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