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The Definitive Judge’s House

Bram Stoker

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“I was probably about thirteen years old when I read Dracula for the first time. I have no idea why. I ordered it from one of those little book catalogues you used to get in school. I shudder to think what would have happened if, instead, I’d tried to read Frankenstein at that age. It surely must have been in the same catalogue. Maybe I’d be an accountant now. Nothing against Frankenstein, but I know me, and I know it would not have hooked me through the eyeball (and brain) the way Dracula did. I distinctly remember finishing the book and thinking, ‘Well, this is it. I have found my thing.’ It’s like finding that city or, if you’re very lucky, that house where you know you want to spend the rest of your life. And that’s pretty much what I’ve done.”

Just in time for Christmas comes the definitive edition of Stoker’s famous haunted house story, “The Judge’s House”. This facsimile edition, celebrating the 120th anniversary of the tale’s first appearance, reproduces the text from Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories (1914). And especially for the occasion, Mike Mignola, the esteemed creator of Hellboy, has provided an original frontispiece—a portrait of Stoker’s baleful and vindictive Judge—and an introduction entitled “Bram Stoker and I”. Also included is a reproduction (in miniature) of the story’s 1891 appearance in the Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News‘s Christmas annual, Holly Leaves. Rounding out the booklet are endnotes and an afterword by Gothic scholar Jack G. Voller. And remember, “Rats is bogies, I tell you, and bogies is rats!”

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Bram Stoker Series #6

Cover design by Brian J. Showers
Introduction by Mike Mignola
Afterword by Jack G. Voller