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Old Albert

Old Albert

An Epilogue

By Brian J. Showers

“If dear Old Albert finds you, / Still your tongue, be still your tongue.” – School Rhyme

The place is Larkhill House, and during its century and a half of existence it has hosted an array of peculiar tenants: the reclusive though brilliant ornithologist Ellis Grimwood; a murderous wine merchant and his young wife; and the Sacred Order of the Mysteries of Thoth, who re-christened Larkhill the “New Temple of Abtiti” and practised there their outlandish and mystical rites. After vacating Larkhill, these individuals—all of them—left something of themselves behind . . . Set in the same haunted neighbourhood as the stories in the award-winning collection The Bleeding Horse, Old Albert continues with the idea that not all is well in the leafy Victorian suburb of Rathmines, Dublin.

  • Continuation of The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories

Hardback edition limited to 300 copies.

Cover art by Jason Zerrillo
Introduction by Jim Rockhill
Afterword by Adam Golaski

ISBN: 978-0-95665-874-6 (hbk)

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