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Bending to Earth

Bending to Earth

Strange Stories by Irish Women

Maria Giakaniki and Brian J. Showers (eds.)

Availability: In Print – Paperback, Out of Print – Hardback

“He called to it and said, ‘Tell me what you are?’”

Irish women have long produced literature of the gothic, uncanny, and supernatural. Bending to Earth draws together twelve such tales. While none of the authors herein were considered primarily writers of fantastical fiction during their lifetimes, they each wandered at some point in their careers into more speculative realms—some only briefly, others for lengthier stays.

Names such as Charlotte Riddell and Rosa Mulholland will already be familiar to aficionados of the eerie, while Katharine Tynan and Clotilde Graves are sure to gain new admirers. From a ghost story in the Swiss Alps to a premonition of death in the West of Ireland to strange rites in a South Pacific jungle, Bending to Earth showcases a diverse range of imaginative writing which spans the better part of a century.

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Cover art by Karen Vaughan
Selected and introduced by Maria Giakaniki and Brian J. Showers

ISBN: 978-1-78380-025-4 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-1-78380-751-2 (pbk)

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