by Helen Grant

Printings: February 2013 (400)
Cover image by Jason Zerrillo
Style: Dust jacketed hardback
Length: 144 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9566587-7-7

Out of print

"Till human voices wake us, and we drown." — T.S. Eliot

In her first collection, award-winning author Helen Grant plumbs the depths of the uncanny: Ten fathoms down, where the light filtering through the salt water turns everything grey-green, something awaits unwary divers. A self-aggrandising art critic travelling in rural Slovakia finds love with a beauty half his age - and pays the price. In a small German town, a nocturnal visitor preys upon children; there is a way to keep it off — but the ritual must be perfect. A rock climber dares to scale a local crag with a diabolical reputation, and makes a shocking discovery at the top. In each of these seven tales, unpleasantries and grotesqueries abound — and Grant reminds us with each one that there can be fates even worse than death.

Grauer Hans
The Sea Change
The Game of Bear
Self Catering
Nathair Dhubh
Alberic de Mauléon
The Calvary at Banská Bystrica
Story Notes

Helen Grant was born in London, but has lived in Spain, Germany and Belgium. Her first novel, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, won an ALA Alex Award in the US and was shortlisted for both the CILIP Carnegie Medal and the Booktrust Teenage Prize. Since then she has produced two other novels, The Glass Demon and Wish Me Dead, and is currently working on a trilogy set in Flanders. The first book, Silent Saturday, will be published by Bodley Head in 2013. Helen now lives in Scotland with her husband, two children and two cats. You can find out more about Helen Grant on her website.

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