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The Red House at Münstereifel

Helen Grant

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“Early in 2007, whilst researching an article about Steinfeld Abbey, I came across the collection of documents (originally in German) which comprise this booklet, in a forgotten folder bearing the name of Löher, a name closely connected with that infamous period in European history when witch-hunting was at its height. For reasons which will soon become clear upon perusal of the documents, I have chosen to publish them outside Germany. It is imperative that the facts relating to the history of the Red House in Münstereifel—in so far as they can be established—are put before those persons best equipped to take the appropriate action. The author of the original documents perished in a horrific incident which appears not unconnected with their compilation. Whether his fears and suspicions were justified is for you, the reader, to judge.” – H. Grant (editor)

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Haunted Histories Series #3

Cover art by William Bond


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