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The Nanri Papers

Edward Crandall

Availability: Out of Print – Booklet

“Dear Mr. Otani, I am contacting you on behalf of Mr. Masanobu Nanri of Onimaru, Saga City. Mr. Nanri recently showed me some papers and personal effects belonging to his parents (both deceased). These papers have to do with events he describes as ‘likely paranormal in nature’ that have occurred over the years at Akamatsu Primary School, also in Saga City. For your reference, I have included transcripts of the original documents he showed me as well as an explanation of the circumstances under which he showed them to me. Mr. Nanri is concerned, as you will see from the following text, that there is the chance of physical danger not only to the students, teachers and staff of the school, but also to the general public. You will see from the printout of a website Mr. Nanri recently viewed that the school has been listed as a ‘paranormal hot spot’ on the Internet. He is therefore interested in the site being investigated by reputable professionals and experts in the field so that any danger may be averted.” – Sincerely, Edward Crandall

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Haunted Histories Series #5

Cover art by Meggan Kehrli