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November Night Tales

November Night Tales

Henry C. Mercer

Availability: In Print – Paperback, Out of Print – Hardback

“History fades into prehistoric darkness . . . “

Each story in November Night Tales is a differently colored gem whose many facets reflect the lively mind of the author. Henry C. Mercer’s life-long interest in world mythology, fairy tales, local legend, symbols, and artifacts form the fabric of his tales. Here, the reader will find vanishing castles, secret sects, biological weapons, sinister wilderness, lycanthropy, possessed dolls, and mythical lands. The characters in each story are driven to explore the unknown, face their fears, and perhaps discover something of themselves in the process. The compelling narratives, infused with intelligence and humanity, leave the reader curious why the stories remain virtually unknown today, and mournful that there are not more to explore. United at last with the six original November night tales is a seventh, posthumously published story, The Well of Monte Corbo. First published in 1928, this new edition is fully illustrated by Alisdair Wood and features an introduction by Peter Bell.

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Cover art by Alisdair Wood
Introduction by Peter Bell

ISBN: 978-1-78380-010-0 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-1-78380-760-4 (pbk)