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J. S. Le Fanu: A Concise Bibliography

J. S. Le Fanu: A Concise Bibliography

Gary William Crawford and Brian J. Showers

Availability: In Print – Booklet

“As my book J. Sheridan Le Fanu: A Bio-Bibliography (Greenwood Press, 1995) has shown, cataloguing Le Fanu’s work is no easy task. There are many snares and chasms, omissions and errors to be found on the bibliographer’s journey. Most difficult is the fact that many of Le Fanu’s works were published anonymously in Victorian magazines. This has been further complicated by the fact that Le Fanu’s account books, notebooks and other papers were dispersed and lost after his death. There are undoubtedly many unsigned items produced by Le Fanu’s pen that will never be found.

“This concise edition of that bibliography was edited, re-organised and amended by Brian J. Showers, with assistance from Richard Dalby. A major difference is that the magazine appearances are listed chronologically to help give a sense of Le Fanu’s development as a writer. The listing of books is selective as to first editions and major appearances, as is the secondary material with annotations provided for landmark critical works.” – from the “Preliminary Word” by Gary W. Crawford

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Booklet edition limited to 200 copies.

J. S. Le Fanu Series #0

Cover design by Brian J. Showers
Preliminary Word by Gary William Crawford