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The Green Book 8

The Green Book 8

Samhain 2016

Brian J. Showers (ed.)

Availability: In Print

Looking at this issue’s eclectic contents, I am struck by the richness of Ireland’s varied contributions to genre literature. Though a small island nation, we don’t exist in a hermetically sealed literary bubble. It’s an obvious thing to say, really, but Irish literature has such a strong sense of itself that I sometimes have to remind myself of its kinship with the rest of the literary world.

During one of my expeditions to the National Library, I happened upon a contemporary review of E. R. Eddison’s novel The Worm Ouroboros (1922) written by James Stephens, author of the classic fantasy novel The Crock of Gold. I was thrilled at the idea—though maybe I should not have been surprised—that Stephens was reading other genre writers of the era. We also know he was an admirer of Arthur Machen, but what else had he read? So for this issue I decided to include Stephens’s review of Ouroboros as a reminder of the interconnections between genre fictions (and their writers).

Paperback edition limited to 250 copies.

Cover art by Brian Gallagher
Editor’s Note by Brian J. Showers

ISSN: 2009-6089 (pbk)