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Friday, 29th June – Sunday, 1st July 2018

Welcome to Dublin, the City of Ghosts and Guinness!

The literary ghost story in all its guises has deep roots in Ireland – from the domestic hauntings of Mrs. Riddell's Weird Stories to the spectral disturbances of J.S. Le Fanu's In a Glass Darkly; from Elizabeth Bowen's urbane "Demon Lover" to Bram Stoker's blood-drenched and monolithic contribution to literature: Dracula.

We invite you to join us at the Dublin Ghost Story Festival to raise a pint of the black stuff and celebrate literature of the supernatural — both past and present — in a city where some of the genre's most memorable nightmares were born. Slainte!

To read about our 2016 festival, please click here.

Guest of Honour – Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates’s career spans half a century and with nearly fifty novels to her name. She is the recipient of multiple awards including the National Book Award, the O. Henry Award, the National Humanities Medal, the PEN America Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as multiple nominations for the Pulitzer Prize. Oates’s interest in supernatural literature is well-known. She has edited a volume of Shirley Jackson’s work for the Library of America, a selection of American gothic tales for Penguin, and written extensively on H.P. Lovecraft. Oates has also penned multiple volumes of her own supernatural and macabre stories, including Night-Side (1977), Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque (1994), the Stoker Award-winning collection The Corn Maiden and Other Nightmares (2011), and The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror (2016).

The Lure of the Ghost Story – Reggie Oliver

In this two-part evening Reggie Oliver looks at the ghost story through history beginning from the earliest times up to present day, its function in culture, its changing face and its perennial fascination. As an example of the principles of the classic Anglo-Irish ghost story, he will perform his own tale "Quieta non Movere", set in the 1870s in a cathedral town.

“Reggie Oliver... I believe is the greatest classicist of the supernatural tale now writing.” - Ramsey Campbell

“ miles the best living exponent of the spooky yarn” - Barry Humphries

Reggie Oliver is an actor, director, playwright and award winning author of supernatural fiction. Published work includes six plays, three novels, seven volumes of short stories, including Mrs. Midnight (2012 winner of Children of the Night Award for best work of supernatural fiction), and, the biography of Stella Gibbons, Out of the Woodshed (Bloomsbury 1998).

Further Esteemed Guests

Helen Grant -
Andrew Michael Hurley -
V.H. Leslie -
Rosalie Parker -
Nicholas Royle -
R.B. Russell -
Lisa Tuttle -

Our Venue

We are most fortunate to host the Dublin Ghost Story Festival in the Grand Lodge of Ireland at 17 Molesworth Street in Dublin, Ireland. While the purpose-built headquarters dates back to 1869, the Grand Lodge of Ireland is the oldest Freemason lodge in continuous existence. In addition to its beautifully appointed rooms, the Museum of Freemasonry will also be open to Festival attendees. The Lodge is conveniently located in central Dublin.


Tickets are now sold out. We look forward to seeing everyone in June!

If you would like to be on the waiting list should a ticket become available, please let me know.


To give you a rough idea of what to expect . . .

Friday, 29 June – Opening night will feature registration, a sneak peek at the dealers room, and a live performance.

Saturday, 30 June – A full day on Saturday will feature panel discussions of all things ghostly, signings, and an interview with our guest of honour.

Sunday, 1 July – This will be a more relaxed and social day, with more panels, a reading, a book launch, and finally lunch and pints in the pub.

Dealers' Room

Our dealers' room will feature vendors of horrors most exquisite. From new paperbacks to antiquarian rarities. We would like to encourage booksellers, publishers, and authors to bring their volumes to the festival.

Alan Hanna's Bookshop -
Brian Coldrick -
Kelleher Rare Books -
Nightjar Press -
Reggie Oliver Prints -
Richard Dalby's Library -
Shadows at the Door -
Swan River Press -
Tartarus Press -
Zagava Books -

Travelling to Dublin

Dublin is served by Dublin Airport, with Aer Lingus providing direct flights from many major American and European cities. Although there is no rail service from the airport to Dublin's city centre, there is a frequent AirCoach that drops off at O'Connell Street, Trinity College, and Kildare Street (around the corner from the venue) among other places. Dublin Bus also runs an airport service.

Dublin itself is quite small and most attractions are within reasonable walking distance, however the city is also served by Dublin Bus, the Luas, and the DART.

Accommodation in Dublin

Dublin has a wide range of lodging available, from hostels and hotels to guesthouses and B&Bs. The closest accommodation to the venue is Buswell’s Hotel on Molesworth Street. Trinity College also offers extremely affordable accommodation very close to the venue.

If your tastes run toward the five-star, the Shelbourne Hotel might be an option, further notable as being the hotel where Bram Stoker first met his future employer Henry Irving.

Looking further afield, the Travelodge in Rathmines is a comfortable thirty-minute walk from the venue as are the numerous guesthouses on Gardiner Street on the city's near-north side. Wherever you stay, we recommend booking early.

Other Macabre Attractions

So you've come all the way to Dublin. Why not make a longer trip out of it? There are plenty of places of macabre interest to explore, including Bram Stoker's birthplace in Clontarf, the mummies in the crypt of St. Michan's Church, W.B. Yeats's occult paraphenalia on display in the National Library, the house where Le Fanu wrote "Carmilla" and his vault in Mount Jerome Cemetery, and the National History Museum, affectionately known as the "Dead Zoo".

Similarly, there are a number of bookshops we recommend, including Stephen Stokes in the George's Arcade, Ulysses Rare Books on Duke Street, Chapters Bookstore on Parnell Street, Alan Hanna's Bookshop in Rathmines, and a number of others.

If you have suggestions for visitors, please share them on our Facebook page.


Please direct all queries to Brian Showers at gothicdublin [at] gmail [dot] com

If you'd like to help us promote the event, here's a link for our poster, designed by Rob Brown with artwork by Alisdair Wood, you can download and circulate.

Special Thanks

The Dublin Ghost Story Festival would like to thank the Horror Writers Association; Alison Lyons of Dublin UNESCO City of Literature; Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht; Dublin City Council; and Peter O'Connor of Roe & Co. for their generous support.


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Joyce Carol Oates (Guest of Honour)
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