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"A collection, as a whole, that certainly stirred my imagination; in fact the book started to own my imagination, and I was relieved to be given an excuse to try rebelling against it towards the end!"

-D. F. Lewis, Real-Time Reviews

"The quality of the included tales remains consistently high, in keeping with the previous three books . . . highly recommended to any fiction lover."

-Mario Guslandi, Hellnotes

"[Uncertainties 4] has, for me, illustrated yet again the broad range of Gothic fiction, and more than hints at a genre revival in this century far more impressive than anything in the last. Perhaps this is because, like the Victorian era, ours is one of uncertain peace, irrational fads, scientific progress, and deeply unstable societies that are mirrored in confused personal identities and relationships. And people still like spooky stuff a lot. "

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

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