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"[Munky] is like watching one of those wonderful little one off supernatural TV plays they were so good at making in the 70s like The Stone Tape or Murrain"

- Wyrd Britain

Praise for B. Catling

"Brian Catling is simply a genius. His writing is so extraordinary it hurts, makes me realise how little imagination I have."

- Terry Gilliam

"Its a glorious creepy world that Brian creates and inhabits."

- Alan Moore

"Brian Catling’s peculiar genius for observation, and the testing and squeezing of location, always honours what Blake called “the Vegetated Mortal Eye’s perverted & single vision”. It sometimes feels that the Eye has been removed and left overnight in a glass, such are the layers of spectral comedy swaggering into view. Life through the bottom of a deep pint jar. Munky is a delirious blend of terror and pantomime. The spine-chilling realisation, for those who have trespassed anywhere near this territory, where river licks at ecclesiastical land, is that it is all true."

- Iain Sinclair

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