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"I love lists. I can pore over a list for hours, pondering the complex relationships between space, time, effort, success and obscurity that seems to make up the typical literary career. Swan River Press has just published a pretty damn concise bibliography of the works of J. Sheridan Le Fanu . . . The point is, the bibliography is very good."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales Blog

"This concise bibliography serves, then, to introduce readers to both the works by and about Le Fanu. As a continuation of Crawford's earlier bibliographic work, it allows both Crawford and Showers to present the same basic material, revised and updated, in a condensed version, and with a tighter emphasis upon both original appearances and major editions, material of interest primarily to the scholar and the student, who may well want to assess the impact and reception of the work on Le Fanu's contemporary audiences."

-Phillip Ellis, Le Fanu Studies

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